Cremation Service

Allambe Memorial Gardens

Cremation Service

Above And Beyond Funerals can provide a professional and unique cremation service for you and your loved one. The funeral service can be held either a church, chapel or one of our alternative venues, followed by a cremation at your chosen crematorium.

Our committed and passionate staff can arrange all of the requirements for a cremation service on your behalf, including the hire of a venue, transportation to and from the venue to the crematorium, as well as the cremation.

A cremation service can be held within a crematoriums chapel, at a church or even at an alternative venue. Our dedicated staff arrive early to the location, arrange and conduct the funeral service and then accompany your loved one to the crematorium.

After a the service has been held, the cremation is usually conducted by the crematorium on the same day.  However, our Funeral Director will advise you of any changes.

Once the cremation has taken place our staff will arrange a suitable time to bring your loved one home.

Above And Beyond Funerals can arrange for the ashes to be placed in an urn or memorial product of your choosing before bringing your loved one home. 


If you would like to arrange a cremation service, or have a no obligation discussion with one of our Funeral Directors about your options, please contact us at any time.