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As funeral service providers,

1. We hereby acknowledge our individual and collective obligations to the public, in particular, the families we represent;

2. We will make it our mutual responsibility to improve the high standards of our profession;

3. We will vigilantly support all public health and consumer laws and regulations, local, state and federal;

4. We will uphold a professional responsibility, maintain our character, integrity, and honesty in all dealings with the public and our suppliers;

5. We will maintain confidentiality in our business and professional relationships;

6. We will respect faiths, creeds and observe all respect due to the deceased with competence and dignity in the conduct of our services;

7. We promise to make no representations, written or oral, which may be false or misleading to the public in regard to funerals and funeral prices;

8. We will provide every family with a written estimate or invoice of the cost of the funeral including all disbursements at the time of the arrangement or shortly thereafter;

9. We promise to ensure that any funds prepaid for funerals will be invested with the appropriate funeral bond company with the specified time limits as specified by the fund provider or the legislator in your state or territory;

10. We will ensure that we will enhance public awareness of the funeral industry and its services and responsibilities;

11. We will support higher educational standards and proper licensing laws, encouragement of research and adoption of improved techniques and methods;

12. We will ensure our actions, words and deeds, will be fair, truthful and beneficial for the greater good of the community