Direct Cremation

Above & Beyond Funerals can provide a professional and unique cremation service for you and your loved one at your chosen crematorium.

This is an unattended service where no family or friends are present. This can be the precursor to a beautiful memorial service that you, your family and friends can arrange at a time and place that suits everyone.

Some type of formal celebration of your loved one’s life is, for some, an essential part of the grieving process.

We are experts in arranging unique and creative memorial services, at a location of your choice. We at Above & Beyond Funerals pride ourselves on the creation of memorial services that truly reflect you, your family and your loved one.

Our committed and passionate staff can arrange all of the requirements for an unattended cremation as an affordable option, this includes;

  • The arrangement of the cremation.
  • Transfer of the deceased to Above & Beyond Funerals fully equipped facilities.
  • Liaising with relevant departments and registering authorities.
  • Organising a coffin suitable for cremation.
  • Body preparation including your loved ones own clothes.
  • Family participation in the preparation phase if desired.
  • A hearse for transportation to the crematorium.

Above & Beyond Funerals can arrange for the ashes to be placed in an urn or memorial product of your choosing, before bringing your loved one home.

Once the cremation has taken place, our staff will arrange a suitable time to bring your loved one and their death certificate home.

All fees and costs are included in the price of this service. Additional services will incur additional costs. These might include a viewing prior to cremation; death notice; flowers; attendance at the cremation; oversized coffin.

If you would like to arrange a direct cremation, or have a no obligation discussion with one of our Funeral Directors about your options – please contact us at any time via the contact form below or call us on 0433 154 530.